Surreal Hybrid Music; Improv-Collage Free-Fusion Avant-Ambient Glitch-Jazz Post-Post-Rock...

New album "2018" released March 2019:

dadala '2018' album cover


Released May 2018: The Wind (Free Download), October 2017: Blues For Richard (Free Download) and March 2017: The Executive Suite (Free Download)

dadala 'Blues For Richard' album coverdadala 'The Executive Suite' album coverdadala 'The Wind' album cover

Released December 2016: It So Happens (Free Download), June 2016: The Ides of March with Paul Mimlitsch (Free Download) and November 2015: Expanding Talk (Free Download)

dadala 'It So Happens' album coverdadala 'The Ides of March with Paul Mimlitsch' album coverdadala 'Expanding Talk' album cover

Released July 2015: Hedgerows 2 (Free Download), April 2015: Death-Defying Feats and Illusions (Free Download), and Jan 2015:  with brass-lines (EP, Free Download) 

dadala 'Hedgerows 2' album coverDeath-Defying Feats and Illusions coverwith brass-lines EP cover

Released Nov 2014:  with Erocnet 2 (Free Download)August 2014:  Everything Got Something Wrong With It (Free Download), and May 2014:  with Erocnet (Free Download) 

'Everything Got Something Wrong With It' album coverwith Erocnet album cover'with Erocnet 2' album cover

10 years of dadala: Anniversary Feb 2014 - stream the early dadala retrospective (2004-2008) at Soundcloud

Releases from Dec 2013, Jan 2014:

Nov 2013 LA sessions (Free Download)Taco Tuesday (Free Download)

Nov 2013 LA sessions album coverTaco Tuesday album cover

Stream tracks at SoundCloud

Releases from 2012 - 2013 (tracks originally mixed 2009-2012):

Return to Tastewater Lake (CD or Download),  Fauralimba (Free Download) and Whirled World (CD or Download)

Return to Tastewater Lake album coverFauralimba coverWhirled World album cover

Near Normal (CD or download) and Here Somewhere (Free Download)

Near Normal album coverHere Somewhere cover

What the Wind Blew In (Free Download) and Just Look in My Head (CD or download)

What the Wind Blew In album coverJust Look in My Head cover

Baktun Mementos (Free Download) and Trails (CD or download)

Baktun Mementos album coverTrails cover

Bodystairs (CD or download), Club Valyermo Sessions (Free Download EP) and Hedgerows  (Free Download EP)

Bodystairs album coverClub Valyermo Sessions coverHedgerows cover

Tall Tales (CD or download), Oct 2010 LA sessions (Free Download) and Valyermo & Lime  (Free Download)

Tall Tales album coverOct 2010 LA sessions album coverValyermo & Lime album cover


Since 2009 dadala has been a long-distance ensemble of core members blending improvisation with digital alchemy, collage and serendipity. Earlier dadala (2004-2008) was more specifically a remix project working with recordings contributed by various artists and from RDunlap's archives of earlier material (solo and collaborations, recorded 1985-1996). Read more: Bio

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"The guys never stop creating music and thank god because it is some of the most original material I have heard... an organic experience that fans of experimental free jazz will fall in love with." The Even Ground


ain't yo momma's minimalistic electronic improvisation... The soundscapes are vast and lonely, begging for 
exploration and discovery... an impressive statement to art's defiance in the face of geographical 
separation... Fans of free jazz artists such as The Chicago Art Ensemble and Sun Ra should take the time to 
check this one out."

" wouldn't even know it if these guys were conjoined quadruplets when listening to the album... this ain't yo momma's minimalistic electronic improvisation... The soundscapes are vast and lonely, begging for exploration and discovery... an impressive statement to art's defiance in the face of geographical separation... Fans of free jazz artists such as The Chicago Art Ensemble and Sun Ra should take the time to check this one out."  The Even Ground


"The atmosphere of the songs is adventurous and carefully composed. Bodystairs is a beautiful CD in which jazz, electro-acoustic music and soundscapes come together and enter a fascinating amalgamation... accessible elements associated with abstract sounds."  Vital Weekly  


"...guitar played in a loop with a moving sax like a jumping bird. Or like a lullaby of a kind of tones and sounds which are coming up and fading away. Spaghetti Wall is a beautiful experimental album in which different musical worlds melt together in a pleasant bath of structured improvisations."  Vital Weekly


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