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Akira's Eye - 1994 (remastered 2005)

Child's Play - 2006 (with vocal samples from rachMiel)

Mirage - 2007

Do Not Adjust Your Set - 2006 (with vocal samples from rachMiel)


2004/5 remixes of earlier recordings (from 1990's):

From The End


Origami Memoirs

Fibrillation Rag

September Cycle

Jubilee City Revisited


Virtual ensembles (1991-1994, remastered 2005):

The Meerkats
Hanalei Nog - Round Trip - I Don't Know/I KnowThe Lost Meerkats

Vinyetvin Nagret
Demands - When Which Path Mattered Much - Meetings at the Market - The Stranger's Tale - Cavern of Forgetting - That Piece of Glass - Desert Rain - Nineteen Hills - Sea Song

Sped Blavio
Your Idiosyncrasies Are Homemade - Vortices