"Socially Distant since 2004"

Surreal Hybrid Music; Improv-Collage Free-Fusion Avant-Ambient Glitch-Jazz Post-Post-Rock...


dadala news April 2020:

Ten early and "middle period" dadala albums previously available by purchase only are now available for FREE download. Zip files of full albums with cover art and liner notes are available direct from this site, individual tracks can be downloaded from SoundCloud (click on cover below): 









April 2020 new compilations at SoundCloud

a special selection of dadala's ambient/soundscape tracks from over the years to inspire inner journeys. Also at YouTube.

The dadala GRaND ToUR
Comprehensive introduction to the entire dadala catalog (2004 to present), with an emphasis on favorites and somewhat more "accessible" tracks ("somewhat"), and heavily weighted with choice recent releases.



Latest release (March 2019):


Since 2009 dadala has been a long-distance ensemble of core members blending improvisation with digital alchemy, collage and serendipity. Earlier dadala (2004-2008) was more specifically a remix project working with recordings contributed by various artists and from RDunlap's archives of earlier material (solo and collaborations, recorded 1985-1996). Read more: Bio

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