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Remembering Frank Dunlap

1961 - 2023

Frank was my brother, and an amazing companion on many musical adventures over the years. He left a great many people with wonderful memories and he will be greatly missed.

Frank and I first recorded together in the late 70's, in the duplex we shared in Panorama City, California. Frank had a metal clarinet that he was figuring out how to play. Some friends participated as well, there may have been an acoustic guitar involved also, other than that it was voices/spoken word and household objects as percussion. We recorded some free improvisation sessions to cassette tapes, now sadly long lost. A little after that Frank moved to Oregon and we were out of touch for a while.

In 1985 Frank learned that our father, who had dropped off the radar for many years while living off the grid in the woods of Canada, was living on San Juan island in the Puget Sound. We corresponded with him and made arrangements to travel there and see him. It was a great visit and so good that we had that opportunity as he died the next year.

On that trip I brought my new digital synthesizer (Casio CZ-101) and a small amp so Frank and I could jam (he had acquired an alto saxophone by then). We recorded the session - literally as an afterthought! - on a small lo-fi cassette deck that also contributed a bunch of motor noise. It was purely spontaneous improvisation and Frank and I were both surprised and delighted with what came out of it. I was astounded at his natural talent on the sax. This was our splendid reunion and it opened the door to many more musical collaborations with him over the years, with both of us travelling to each other's homes multiple times and eventually through digital correspondence as well, with Frank becoming a member of dadala and recording new material for a huge number of releases.

Here are just a few special, choice tracks to celebrate Frank's multi-instrumental talent and unique expressions of his spirit. Click here for track info.

Richard Dunlap

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