Various dadala precursors and related projects:

RDunlap solo album - Idiosyncrasies: 1985 - 2007


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Sequenza mix (with vocal samples from rachMiel) Burning the Field - AmballadFalling UpstreamStill in the Thick of It - Star Noir - Long Story ShortSpiral Ascent - Lands' End - Shoveling Dogs Blowing Up the Bed

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Recordings by Johann Meier, arranged and mixed by RDunlap 2008/9


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Something From You

The LAPPY Affair

Uncle Dubious

I remember those stars

So It Goes

The Asterisk Lounge

RDunlap & Friends  2005-2006

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Awaken to the Dream  with Jim (of Jim-n-Lisa)

Future Wanted a Past  with Marcus Sjöland

Between  with Refrag and Billy Shaw

Apocalips  with Billy Shaw

Six Strings for Vasquez  with Dan Bartlett and Jopy

Lost Paradise Pharmacy  with Wrench and Billy Shaw

One Wonders  with Jopy

Simprovulation  with Michael Chocholak and Billy Shaw

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The Dunlaps

The Dunlaps - Reunions album coverFrank and Richard Dunlap  1985-2005

Free Download and streaming from Clinical Archives netlabel at Internet Archive





Michael Chocholak collaborations  2005

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Free Downloads:

VooDuet - Chocholak track with additions by RDunlap (remixed excerpted material from MChocholak/RDunlap duets 1 & 2)

Occam's Plectrum - Chocholak remix of early recording by RDunlap

Flesh of the Moon - Chocholak remix of early recordings by RDunlap with Steve Peckman

Continuing Westward - Chocholak remix of early recordings by RDunlap, with Misha Nogha on conch

Copacetic - Chocholak remix and overdub of early recordings by RDunlap

GenJuan no ki - Chocholak remix of live improvised duet: RDunlap - synth, Michael Chocholak - erhu

Abstract Derivation of a NonLinear Temporal Duality - Chocholak remix of live improvised duet: RDunlap - gourd kalimba, Michael Chocholak - broken music box, jaw harp, giggle stick, slide whistle, siren whistle, calliope whistle, bamboo flute, blinky

Forgotten - Dedicated to all those touched by the horror of Katrina and its aftermath. Chocholak remix of live improvised duet: RDunlap - synth, Michael Chocholak - didgeridoo. 


RDunlap & Dan Bartlett

1985-1996 (remastering and some remixing 2005/6)

Free Downloads:

Juncture (with Frank Dunlap)

Passing Through (with Steve Ferrell)

Reality Survey

Football On Tonight

Sausages and Snails

I'll Be Home For Dinner (with Frank Dunlap)

Conjuring Aurora (with Steve Ferrell)

In Our Absence (with Steve Ferrell)

Rustique (with Steve Ferrell)

The Tower

A Volunteer from the Audience Please

Zeno's Dilemma Part 1

Zeno's Dilemma Part 1.999...

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