Current Members

Paul Mimlitsch (r369improv)
Clarinets (bass, contrabass and soprano), contrabass recorder, guitar, interactive electronics and software, and more.

Erocnet (Roger Sundström) 
Guitars, bouzouki, dulcimer, ukulele, drum kit, keyboard, thumb piano, soundscapes and more.

Darius (André Darius)
Electric, acoustic, fretless and electric upright basses, vocals, keyboard.

Loopy C (Chris R. Gibson)
Programming/coding/processing (virtual improvisations, soundscapes, rhythmic/percussive concoctions, conceptual software automatons, digital mutations, etc.), guitar derivations and more.

RDunlap (Richard Dunlap)
Producer, arrangements, editing, mixing/remixing, Casio CZ-101 synthesizer, various vintage recordings.

Also Featuring

Frank Wilke (brass-lines)
Trombone, trumpet and more.

Earlier Members

Johann Meier (Jopy)
Piano, keyboards/software, beats, guitar, bass and more.

Frank Dunlap 
Alto sax, clarinet, flute, trumpet, other winds, bass, guitar, violin, rubber band 2 by 2, kalimba, keyboard, percussion, vocals, etc.

Honorary Members

Michael Chocholak - Home - at Soundcloud

Billy Shaw 

Other Past Contributors

Jason Mullinax/Pilesar/Mandible
the glad hand (Marcus Sjöland, aka bakers at dawn)  
Lily Dunlap
Thomas J (Men From San Diego)    
Runagate/Briarmon Smetrach    
Vedette (Neil Carlill and Manuel Stagars)
Bartholomew Klick    
Frank's friend Joe
The GoodLuck Boys 
Mountain Kids
Seth Gordon
Black Zarak
Capuchin's field recordings


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