This playlist consists of recordings from 1985-1996, for the most part unreleased in these original versions prior to June 2021 when this compilation was released. Some of these tracks later became source material for dadala or other collaborative projects, others have been remixed and released later as new tracks with new names or new versions of pieces with the same name. More detailed info can be found in the individual track notes at Soundcloud.

These were all sourced from stereo cassette tapes. They are MP3s from the original digital copies (wav files) that were made from these cassettes around the turn of the millennium (sometime before 2004). Other than a light touch of analog parametric EQ (from a high-end stereo component physically inserted between the tape deck and the computer) used to support the lowest and highest frequencies when transferring to the broader headroom of digital, these all remain just as they were in 1996 with no additional mastering, processing, or editing. 

The earliest of these sessions were recorded directly to stereo cassette, with overdubs performed on the fly while bouncing from one cassette deck to another. Later they were recorded to 4-track, and ultimately 8-track cassette "portastudios" with MIDI sequencers also employed to include virtual tracks input from synths and sound modules during mix-down to stereo cassette.*

*The cassette release "Tales from the Vinyetvin Nagret" (1992) was originally recorded to 8-track cassette and MIDI sequencer. These tracks were mixed down to a DAT stereo master (early digital tape) which was used to make 100 cassette copies that were originally released in 1992-93. All digital copies of Vinyetvin Nagret tracks that have currently been officially released online have come from production cassette copies. The full album version currently posted in this playlist is not remastered, and was copied from a cassette "from the wild" (many thanks to Mark Griffey - -  for making a digital copy of his full tape for me). The selected single tracks available in another playlist here have been remastered (2005) and were copied from my own new cassette back when I transferred all this cassette material to digital some time before 2004.